2017 Events


2011 Conference Sessions

Session 1 - The Cause of Creation
Highlighting the pro-evolution “Clergy Project Letter” (signed by over 13,000 clergy across America), this presentation incorporates a variety of sources to reveal current trends in modern Christianity and presents the need for using creationism and critical thinking in our culture today.  In addition, this message shows how important the foundation of creation is to everything Christians believe, particularly the Gospel.

Session 2 - The Importance of Evidences
Why did Jesus appear to over 500 at one time (1 Corinthians 15:6)?  How did He handle Thomas, “the Doubter”?  This session shares the Biblical emphasis on physical evidences and how those who believe the Bible must use proofs that God has provided.  Atheists, agnostics, and skeptics are committed to communicating anti-God, anti-Bible messages in great ways today.  How can their views be countered?  The key is to use evidences.

Session 3 - Design & Devastation
Are there important messages today in Mt. Rushmore and the volcanic island of Krakatoa?  Design and Devastation uses Mt. Rushmore to point to intelligent design.  Were the heads on this mountain formed over millions of years of wind or water erosion, or thermal expansion of the rock?  Hardly!  Yet, evolutionary-minded scientists tell us that the real people (represented by the heads) formed over millions of years of chance processes that required no Designer.  Is this belief scientific?  In addition, what does the power of water teach?  Highlighting other modern catastrophes, this message highlights the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa and ties it to what happened during the Flood.

Session 4 - Ararat & the Search for Noah’s Ark
Did the Biblical Flood really happen and are there evidences for such a massive event?  Were dinosaurs on the ark?  This session highlights the importance of the Flood, using the Bible and video docuentation as “pieces of a puzle” in the ongoing search for the ark of Noah.  Has it been found?  Most importantly, this session highlights the profound Biblical significance of the Flood and its significance for Christians today!

Session 5 - Mt. St. Helens and the Flood—Lotsa Water, Lotsa Mud
Mt. St. Helens, a volcano located in Washington State, has been described as “God’s gift to the creationist.”  The 1980 eruption was the result of a 5.2 earthquake which caused a massive landslide, releasing great pressure from under the earth.  Mudflows carved brand new canyons through solid rock in 9 hours, creating terrain that is eerily similar to canyon systems like that of Canyonlands National Monument outside of Moab, UT.  Yet, these and other canyons are described as having been formed over millions of years.  Is such a time frame scientific?  Or is it just a belief about the evidence?  Video documentary shows how this relatively small volcano is an excellent illustration of what happened at the time of the great Flood of Noah’s day!

Session 6 – The Secret of Sinai
Is there something wrong in our Bibles?  The location of Mt. Sinai as being “in Arabia” (Galatians 4:25) is often contradicted by all Bible maps that place it in the Sinai Peninsula.  With present-day Saudi Arabia being east of the gulfs of the Red Sea, and the Sinai Peninsula being between the two gulfs, Galatians and the maps cannot both be correct.  This presentation uses both archaeological and Scriptural points to highlight different ideas about the crossing of the Red Sea and the true location of Mt. Sinai.  The Biblical importance of this mountain is amazing!

Other sessions by Steve Lawwell of Echoes of Eden may be available.  These titles include:
Evidence of the Genesis Flood – A complete scientific analysis of the Genesis Flood, including its causes, events, and evidence.

Noah’s Ark – Silencing the Critics– A response to some of the common criticisms leveled at Noah’s Ark (i.e. How could all of the animals fit? How could they care for the animals?, etc.)

Stones, Bones, and Ice – The Early Post-Flood Years – A detailed look at the centuries following the Genesis Flood, including the reestablishment of society and the post-Flood ice age.

The Age of the Earth – Thousands…Not Billions – A balanced presentation that debunks the evidence for an old earth (billions of years) and presents solid evidence for a young earth (thousands of years).

Please check the itinerary for conference details.